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Sleeping Cozy: 5 Features of a Futon

There are many different types of furniture in the world today, featuring variations of all shapes, sizes, and colours. Picking the right type of furniture can sometimes be a bit daunting after being faced with so much variety. Maybe you want a couch or a chair. Perhaps even a loveseat, or maybe even a bed. It’s very rare that there’s a combination of everything that you could ever want, but sometimes it just so happens that the universe smiles upon you and grants you a single wish. Continue Reading


Appearances Matter: 5 Ways Your Office Can Make a Good First Impression

Over flowing trash bins, un kept desks, and grimy floors are not something a client wants to see from a business. Keeping an untidy office gives the impression that you do not care about your business, and it may even drive them away.

That’s why, it is imperative to hire janitorial services to do the work for you. Dirt is not only an embarrassing issue, but it can lead to greater health and safety concerns. Below is a simple list that highlights the very noticeable areas of your business, that should be tended to by cleaners. That way, the next time you have an important client meeting, they are not left with a bad first impression. Continue Reading


#MeToo: 3 Ways You Can Help the Empowerment Movement

Towards the end of 2017, there was a lot of coverage on the topic of sexual harassment and rape in the media. Though there has always been some coverage over the years, it almost seemed like it came to a head when virtually day after day, famous people were being outed for their past behaviour. Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey were two examples.

Other celebrities accused were Dustin Hoffman and Bill Cosby and of course, many more. Women have a right to feel and be safe and not be sexually harassed. Not only is it a crime, but nobody wants attention of this nature. Men can play their part in reducing these crimes in many ways, so let’s take a look at some of these.
Continue Reading


Mobile Revolution: 5 App Development Tips for Experts

There are a myriad of app development companies in the market today. It seems like everyone with basic computer knowledge and a website is offering to help set up mobile applications for individuals and companies. It is a relatively simple task, if you have the background and expertise. But if you want a good app development company or one that can actually deliver the app that you and your organization needs, you should pick carefully through your options. Here are some suggestions for finding the right app development company to meet your needs. Continue Reading


Construction Choices: 5 Reasons to Build With Steel

Simple, strong, safe, and affordable — steel provides builders with benefits beyond a new, exciting home, project, or building. A popular choice among the construction industry, and for many reasons, steel’s value is now seen beyond the downtown office buildings and condos. Farmers and homeowners are using steel for their new building projects such as steel garages and steel garden sheds. Continue Reading


Just In Time For Christmas: 6 Tips for Holiday Shipping

The holidays are a wonderful time for most, and it’s certainly a great time for those of us who are in the business of shipping gifts. Oh, it’s going to be a very busy time, and also a profitable one. The holidays do present a challenge when it comes to ensuring that products that are bought are able to be shipped out in a timely fashion. If there is a sudden, but welcome, surge in purchases during the lead up to the holidays, you need to be sure that you’re prepared for this increased demand on your shipping process.

So, here are six great tips to help you prepare and manage your shipping needs during the busiest time of the year! Continue Reading


Bad First Impressions: 6 Mistakes You Should Never Make In a Job Interview

Going for a job interview can be pretty stressful for many people, especially when they really, really want that job. It’s always good to be prepared but it can still affect you, especially someone who has a nervous disposition.

However, there are also certain things you should not do in a job interview that may cost you that position. This is especially true if you’re vying for a high-power job in the finance industry. Financial recruiters are very good at what they do and have loads of experience. You don’t want to put them off in any way.

Here are some mistakes you should avoid in a job interview to give you a greater chance of success. Continue Reading


Plumbing For Amateurs: 5 Honest Truths About DIY Plumbing

You dropped your wedding ring down the bathroom sink. Your toilet is clogged after your children tried to hide their poor math tests. Your kitchen trash compactor is on the fritz again after you attempted to throw away your mother-in-law’s delicious(?) casserole.

When these things happen, your plumbing begins to falter, and this will impact your quality of life. To remedy the situation, you try to solve the problem on your own. Despite your desire for some good old-fashioned do-it-yourself (DIY), you only exacerbate the plumbing issues. Continue Reading